Exklusive Lifestylemessen an besonderen Orten: Mit bis zu 200 internationalen Ausstellern und für durchschnittlich rund 20.000 Besucher.


Unsere Kunden lieben das Besondere: Die hohen Qualitätsstandards und die handverlesene Selektion unserer Aussteller gilt auch für die Zielgruppe unserer Besucher.


Sie möchten auf einer unserer Veranstaltungen ausstellen oder unser Marketingpartner werden? Machen Sie den ersten Schritt und bewerben Sie sich jetzt online!


Neben der Teilnahme an unseren Veranstaltungen haben Austeller und Sponsoren die Möglichkeit umfangreiche Marketing-leistungen zum Event zu buchen.

Benefits and drawbacks of On line Meetings

If you’re running a business with a great deal of employees so, who are often venturing, working from home or work slightly, it can be tough to arrange standard meetings to talk about important jobs. But you have to do them, as this is essential to maintain and reinforce the staff’s sense of connection to the company and share information with each other.

Online meetings permit you to meet with people from around the world without having to pay for travel expenses or perhaps organising overnight accommodation. Moreover, they are quick to organise and simple to run, when all you need is an effective web webinar software just like ezTalks Impair Meeting and many others to get the job done.

An additional is that is considered much easier to leave a electronic meeting if you discover that it may be unproductive https://www.andboardroom.com/what-is-a-chairman-of-the-boar or unimportant. This means that meetings can stay focused on the tasks at hand and avoid being hijacked by business office politics or chit chat, as well as stopping appointments from being a substitute for wellness policies and team bonding lessons.

However , it can be difficult to tell once someone is not paying attention or is bored stiff if you can’t look at their experience and monitor body language throughout a meeting. Likewise, it can be hard to know just how passionate someone is approximately an idea if they aren’t able to express this in the form of verbal communication. Even so, these are minimal drawbacks that may be overcome by utilising tools including screen posting or instant messaging to dietary supplement the digital conferencing during online appointments.

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